Mr Fante's Games of Judgement

Research into the psychology of human perception, inspired by reading Malcolm Gladwell's Blink, led us to an idea for a social game involving Facebook profile pictures, which was successfully pitched to the Channel 4 innovation fund 4iP.

The premise of the game is that players attempt the correctly guess characteristic of strangers - including age, sexuality, relationship status and even whether they have a tattoo or not - based soley on their photo. This is, surprisingly, harder than it sounds.

In return for opting their own profile picture into the game, players can learn a little about how other people judge them, allowing for a moment of reflection, as well as often being somewhat amusing.

The data generated through the game also tells some interesting stories at aggregate level, revealing which types of people are better at guessing - and who perhaps rely a little too much on stereotypes.

The game was launched on Facebook, and received press coverage in the Guardian and on games blogs.

Project information

April 2010
Channel 4, Screen Yorkshire
Andrew Pendrick, Frankie Roberto, James Boardwell, Rob Lee, Tim Duckett, Kim Plowright, Minkette